Cash and spending from Oct 31, 2018 to Dec 6, 2018

Opening balance $61,914.03
+ Total contributions $34,954.00
– Total expenditures $93,854.72
= Closing balance $27,513.31

Net funds over time

Donations and expenditures over time

Latest race

2018 Race for Commissioner Of Public Lands »

Candidate Cash on hand Funds raised

Patrick Hiller Lyons (R)

Garrett VeneKlasen (D)

Stephanie Garcia Richard (D)

George K Munoz (D)

Dr. Ray Bennett Powell (D)

Michael G Lucero (I)













Past campaigns

Office (Party) Committee Election year
Public Regulation Commissioner (R) 2010
Commissioner Of Public Lands (R) 2006
Commissioner Of Public Lands (R) Lyons For Land Commissioner 2018
Public Regulation Commissioner (R) Patrick Lyons for PRC 2014