Rank Committee Current balance
126 New Mexico Family First $4.7K
127 President ProTempore Committee $4.6K
128 New Mexico Bankers Assoc. Political Action Committee $4.6K
129 Alliance of New Mexico Chiropractors Political Action Committee $4.6K
130 Forward New Mexico $4.6K
131 Rio Rancho YES $4.6K
132 SUN PAC $4.6K
133 Don Tripp Speaker PAC $4.5K
134 San Juan County Republican Party $4.4K
135 6 (County) PAC $4.4K
136 Permian Energy Political Action Committee $4.3K
137 Win at the Door NM PAC $4.3K
138 Ben Lujan Speaker Fund $4.2K
139 Democratic Governors Association - New Mexico $4.1K
140 Empower New Mexico $4.0K
141 New Mexico Association of Nurse Anesthetists $4.0K
142 New Mexico Building & Construction Trades $3.9K
143 4 NM Pac $3.9K
144 Keep New Mexico House Majority $3.7K
145 NEA-New Mexico Advocacy Fund For Public Education $3.5K
146 Santa Fe County Republican Party $3.4K
147 WOLF PAC $3.4K
148 A Strong New Mexico PAC $3.3K
149 Prosperity and Action New Mexico $3.3K
150 Republian Party of Grant County $3.3K