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The Openness Project was created by New Mexico In Depth to give New Mexicans better access to and documentation for political contributions in the state of New Mexico. The data comes from the New Mexico Secretary of State. Follow NMID's campaign finance focused reporting here

Top earners

These are the top recipients of campaign cash in the last 90 days.

Rank Name New funds
1 Advance New Mexico Now +$740.3K
2 Patriot Majority New Mexico +$485.4K
3 ActBlue New Mexico +$216.8K
4 CVNM Verde Voters Fund +$216.7K
5 Maggie Toulouse Oliver +$215.4K
6 SUSANA PAC +$125.3K
7 Michael S Sanchez +$109.8K
8 House Democratic Campaign Committee +$106.1K
9 Nora Espinoza +$105.2K
10 Enchantment PAC +$100.6K

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Largest donations

These are the largest donations received by a candidate or political action committee since January 1, 2015. 

Donor Amount Recipient
AFSCME $250.0K Patriot Majority New Mexico
Paul Foster $150.0K Advance New Mexico Now
League of Conservation Voters $150.0K CVNM Verde Voters Fund
George Soros $107.0K New Mexico Safety & Justice
AFT Solidarity $100.0K NM Together
Anne W Marion $100.0K Advance New Mexico Now
Devon Energy $100.0K Advance New Mexico Now
Anne Marion $100.0K Advance New Mexico Now
ETC Capital, LLC $100.0K Advance New Mexico Now
Republican State Leadership Committee $100.0K Advance New Mexico Now

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Top candidates

These are the candidates or elected officials with the largest campaign accounts as of the most recent filing date.

Rank Candidate Funds
1 Hector Balderas $491.0K
2 John Sanchez $280.4K
3 Nora Espinoza $265.4K
4 Maggie Toulouse Oliver $188.3K
5 Nate Gentry $179.9K
6 Ms. Julie Vargas $167.0K
7 Stephen G. French $162.8K
8 Judith K Nakamura $160.8K
9 Sarah Maestas Barnes $158.0K
10 Michael S Sanchez $151.9K

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Top Committees

These are the political action committees with the largest campaign account balances as of the most recent filing period. 

Rank PAC Funds
1 Advance New Mexico Now $1.1M
2 Go Bonds For Education $266.9K
3 CVNM Verde Voters Fund $212.5K
4 SUSANA PAC $210.8K
5 South-Central Pac $203.9K
6 Enchantment PAC $198.1K
7 Patriot Majority New Mexico $192.6K
8 NM Together $132.6K
9 NM Senate Majority Leadership Fund $115.3K
10 Justice for America $111.2K

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