Top earners

Rank Name New funds
1 Michelle Lujan Grisham +$784.2K
2 ActBlue New Mexico +$472.6K
3 Hector Balderas +$145.5K
5 Republican Campaign Committee of New Mexico +$54.5K
6 Advance New Mexico Now +$46.5K
7 AFT New Mexico Committee on Political Education +$40.6K
8 Property Casualty Insurers Association of America Political Account I +$38.1K
9 Community First Coalition +$35.5K
10 Committee on Individual Responsibility +$28.0K
11 Maggie Toulouse Oliver +$25.7K
12 National Education Association New Mexico +$25.7K
13 ATF Educators United +$25.3K
14 New Mexico Turn Around +$25.0K
15 Real Estate Community PAC +$24.2K
16 Lorenzo Garcia +$20.6K
17 Candelaria "Candy" Patterson +$19.8K
18 Democratic Party of New Mexico +$17.5K
19 Elizabeth Armijo +$17.4K
20 Progressive Champions PAC +$16.1K
21 Enchantment PAC +$12.0K
22 David E Peercy +$11.3K
23 New Mexico Health Care Association PAC +$10.8K
24 Visions New Mexico +$10.7K
25 Car of New Mexico +$10.3K
26 New Mexico Medical Political Action Committee +$9.3K
27 Jane C Levy +$8.0K
28 Los Alamos Future Political Action Committee +$7.9K
29 New Mexico Gas Company HEAT PAC +$7.0K
30 Republican Party of Sandoval County +$5.8K
31 Democratic Party of Los Alamos County +$5.8K
32 Annette Chavez y DeLa Cruz +$5.4K
33 Farmers Employee and Agent Political Action Committee +$5.4K
34 Dr. Ray Bennett Powell +$5.1K
35 Tim D Lewis +$5.0K
36 Sierra County Republican Party +$4.8K
37 New Mexico Optometric Pac +$4.7K
38 Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters NM Pac +$4.7K
39 Kate I Noble +$4.3K
40 Plumbers & Steamfitters, UA Local Union No. 412 +$4.2K
41 Otero County Democratic Party +$3.6K
42 Apartment Assoc. of New Mexico Political Action Committee +$3.4K
43 Patient Safety Advocates of New Mexico, Inc. +$3.0K
44 House Democratic Campaign Committee +$3.0K
45 New Mexico PT PAC +$2.9K
46 Mr. Aubrey Dunn +$2.8K
47 Central New Mexico Labor Council +$2.8K
48 Republican Party of Bernalillo County +$2.8K
49 NM Restaurant Association +$2.7K
50 Monica C Youngblood +$2.7K
51 Republican Party of Dona Ana +$2.7K
52 Mr. Charles W. White +$2.6K
53 New Mexico Bankers Assoc. Political Action Committee +$2.5K
53 Albuquerque Area Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 244 PAC +$2.5K
54 New Mexico Home Builders Political Action Fund +$2.4K
55 Peter Debenedittis +$2.3K
56 Republican Party of Luna County +$2.3K
57 Terrie Dallman +$2.2K
57 Mr. Jeff Carr MA +$2.2K
58 David E Adkins +$2.0K
59 New Mexico Forward +$2.0K
59 Jason Carl Harper +$2.0K
60 Animal Protection Voters-Political Action Committee +$1.5K
61 Nancy A Baca +$1.5K
62 Taos County Democratic Party +$1.4K
63 Bernalillo County Democratic Party +$1.4K
64 Pablo Sedillo +$1.2K
65 Melissa Armijo +$1.2K
66 John Patrick Sugg +$1.2K
67 Santa Fe County Republican Party +$1.2K
68 Rodolpho S Martinez +$1.2K
69 New Mexico Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors PAC +$1.2K
70 Lobo PAC New Mexico +$1.2K
71 Democratic Party of Sandoval county +$1.2K
72 San Juan County Republican Party +$1.1K
73 San Juan County Democratic Party +$1.1K
74 Elizabeth L Thomson +$1.0K
75 Frank R Barrera +$1.0K
76 CNMEU COPE-Pac +$1.0K
77 Paul A Pacheco +$1.0K
78 NMACEP PAC +$900.0
79 William Edward Dunn +$898.3
80 Republian Party of Grant County +$848.5
81 Rebecca Dow +$830.2
82 Raul Torrez +$825.0
83 Wanda R. Bowman +$800.0
84 Nathan P. Small +$777.0
85 Natalie Nicotine +$774.0
86 Sra Maria A Flores +$732.0
87 Democratic Party Valencia County +$696.0
88 Randal S Crowder +$671.0
89 Harold W Murphree +$660.0
90 Paul Louis Sievert +$577.5
91 New Mexico Democratic Club +$560.0
92 Ali Ennenga +$550.0
93 Grant Count Federated Republican Women PAC +$530.0
94 Allison K Smith +$525.0
95 Los Alamos County Republican Central Committee +$516.0
96 Marco Peter Serna +$500.0
96 Brian F Egolf +$500.0