Rank Committee Current balance
76 New Mexico House Democratic Campaign Committee $10.7K
77 579 PAC $10.7K
78 Representative Majority Leadership Office fund $10.0K
79 New Mexico Home Builders Political Action Fund $9.8K
80 NM Rural Water PAC $9.7K
81 Albuquerque Area Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 244 PAC $9.6K
82 Curry County Republican Party $9.6K
83 Patient Safety Advocates of New Mexico, Inc. $9.5K
84 Luciano "Lucky" Varela for New Mexico PAC $9.4K
85 Lea County Republican Central Committee $9.3K
86 New Mexico Laborers Political Education Fund $9.3K
88 New Mexico Credit Union PAC $9.1K
89 Rio Grande Chapter of Sierra Club PAC $8.6K
90 Republican Party of Luna County $8.6K
91 New Mexico Rural Water Association PAC $8.5K
92 Drug Policy Action Fund for New Mexico $8.3K
93 Teamsters Local 492 Pac $8.1K
94 Equality E-PAC $7.9K
95 La Mesa Ronda $7.6K
96 NMHA Health PAC $7.6K
97 New Mexico Pharmaceutical Association $7.6K
98 NM Future PAC $7.5K
99 Mimi Stewart Whip PAC $7.3K
100 Voices for Family Values $7.2K